Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
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Fully automatic continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant includes waste tyre pretreatment system, continuous pyrolysis system with continuous feeding and discharge system controled by PLC system. The main part is the continuous pyrolysis system. Continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant is for processing waste tyres into fuel oil and carbon black for recycle use. Due to continuous feeding and discharge system, the continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant can keep working without stop, thus to save energy and time. Also PLC control system makes much less labour cost.

continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant
 Fully automatic continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant

For our continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant, the applicable raw materials can be any kinds of waste tires, such as bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, car tires, truck tires, OTR tires, etc.
Except the steel wire extracted out from waste tires in the first stage pretreatment process, the final products from waste tire pyrolysis process will be fuel oil and carbon black.

continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant
Applicable feedstock & final product of continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant

To keep continuous feeding and discharge system, it requires the waste tires should be in small size. So before continuous pyrolysis process, the waste tires should be shredded into small pieces. Our reactor can be fed by steel wire-free tire rubber particles and the steel wire-containing tire rubber particles. And steel wire can also separate the carbon black from the steel wire when carbon black is discharged. As for detailed process, please check as below:

1. Collect waste tires: All kinds of waste tires are available, from small car tires to big OTR tires.
2. Shred tires: Use a specialized tire shredder to process big whole tires into 3-5cm small pieces for easy feeding. The tire shredder is a single and fully automatic shredding system, which can be directly connected to the feeding system of the continuous pyrolysis plant, which no need any transfer process.
3. Continuous pyrolysis process: Shredded tires go into the continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant, which firstly go through a mutiple pyrolysis reactor system to be pyrolyzed into oil gas. And oil gas will be cooled down to liquid oil through the cooling system.

4. Discharge : The carbon black is separated from the steel wire when the carbon black and steel wire (only for tires) are discharged automatically .And it can be cooled during the process to a temperature at which we can directly pack and collect, saving cooling time and increasing productivity.

continuous waste  tire pyrolysis plant
Working process of fully automatic continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant
1.Fully automatic with low labour cost
Our conitnuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant is controled by PLC system with automatic feeding and discharge system, which only need 1-2 worker for operating the PLC or computer is ok.
2. Precise calculation system to ensure full pyrolysis and high oil yield
The continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is equipped with an accurate calculation system to ensure that the tire is fully cracked in the reactor, and fully converted into oil and gas, thus the oil yield is high.
3.Big capacity with small land occupy size
Also due to continuous feeding and discharge system, and unique mutiple reactor design, our fully automatic continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant can process at least 10 tons waste tires per day, up to 50T/D. And it takes up very little space, saving customers space costs and increasing profits.
4.Internal rotating for conitnuous operation
For external rotating system, you have to change the sealing material every three days, thus cannot achieve the real sense of continuous process. But our continuous waste tyre pyrolysis reactor adopts internal rotating method, which no need to worry about the sealing of the external rotating system.
5.Unique sealed feed and slag discharge system to ensure safety and environmental protection
The feed and slag discharge system of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts unique seal design, which can effectively prevent cracked oil and gas from leaking through the feed inlet and slag discharge port, ensuring production safety.

No. Item Specifications
1 Model DY-C-10 DY-C-20 DY-C-30 DY-C-50 DY-C-60 DY-C-80 DY-C-100
2 Cpacity 10T/D 20T/D 30T/D 50T/D 60T/D 80T/D 100T/D
3 Power 35Kw 50Kw 65Kw 80Kw 90Kw 105Kw 120Kw
4 Working type Continuous
5 Reactor deisgn Mutiple reactors (The quantity and size depends on the raw material condition)
6 Rotating Internal rotating
7 Cooling system Recycled waster cooling
8 Reactor material Q245R/Q345R boiler plate
9 Heating method Indireact hot air heating
10 Heating fuel Fuel oil/gas
11 Feedstock Waste tire/plastic/rubber
12 Output Fuel oil, carbon black

If you’re facing waste tires pollution or disposal problems, and be badly in need of a processing system, please feel free to contact us and and warmly welcome to visit our factory. We DOING Company are always ready to provide you the best solution.

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