Continuous Pyrolysis Plant Products

Advantages of Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

Fully Pyrolysis high oil output

Our continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant adopts mutiple reactor design which can make fully pyrolysis of waste tires, thus to get high oil output.

Long working Life

During the continuous pyrolysis process, reactor heating is by indirect hot air heating, which will not damage reactor so much, thus to keep long usage life of the reactors. And since the hard steel wire already removed from waste tires before pyrolysis processs, thus no damage for the reactor.

Continuous working save time and energy

The continuous wast typre pyrolysis plant has continuous and automatic feeding and slagging syste, which can keep running without stop, thus to save a lot of time and energy.

Fully automatic with low labour cost

Our conitnuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant is controled by PLC system with automatic feeding and discharge system, which only need 1-2 worker for operating the PLC or computer is ok.

Internal rotating for conitnuous operation

For external rotating system, you have to change the sealing material every three days, thus cannot achieve the real sense of continuous process. But our continuous waste tyre pyrolysis reactor adopts internal rotating method, which no need to worry about the sealing of the external rotating system.

Big capacity

Also due to continuous feeding and discharge system, and unique mutiple reactor design, our fully automatic continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant can process at least 10 tons waste tires per day, up to 100T/D.

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