Introduction of Waste Tyre Solutions

1.Continuous process for waste tire recycling to oil

continuous waste tire recycling to oil

Solution: Continuous pyrolysis plant
Function: Recycling waste tire to fuel oil
Applicable raw material: Car tire, Truck tires, OTR tries, etc
Output: 45-52% crude oil, 30% carbon black,12-15%steel wire, 8% waste gas
Heating fuel: Coal / wood / fuel oil / gas
Pyrolysis plant land size: 25x20m
Reactor design: Mutiple reactors with internal rotating
Reactor material: Q245/Q345 Boiler plate

2.Pyrolysis oil to diesel

continuous waste pyrolysis oil to diesel
Solution: Oil refining machine
Applicable: Tire oil, Plastic oil, Waste oil, Pyrolysis oil,Engine oil, Black oil, Heavy oil, etc
Output: 85-90% good clean oil, the rest is slag and waste gas
Heating fuel: Coal / wood/ fuel oil / gas
Oil refining machine land size: 20X15m
Reactor material:Q245/ Q345 Boiler plate

3. Fuel oil solution
continuous waste pyrolysis plant

Fuel oil is widely used in industry field,such as power plant factory,glass factory,cement factory,ceramic fatory ,boiler factory.

4.Carbon black solution
carbon black of continuous pyrolysis plant

1.Carbon black can be sold to cement factories to be added to cement as a mixture for the replacement of coal and ash partly.
2.The carbon black can be used as heat source to heat the Reactor, it even has a little higher heating value than coal
3.With a milling machine, carbon black can be milled into much more  fine powder. The carbon black power has reinforcement function to rubber and can be used to make new tyre production, shoe sole, water pipes etc.

5.Oil sludge refining pyrolysis plant

oil refining pyrolysis plant
 The oil sludge will be refined into 75% shale sand, 15% combustible gas, 10% fuel oil with our newest oil refining machine, it can be also used for oil based drilling mud disposal.