How to make diesel from waste plastic?

converting plastic to diesel fuel
Converting plastic to diesel fuel  machine
Converting plastic to diesel fuel can convert plastic into diesel. The plastic diesel is a very good diesel which is very close to common diesel. It can be used in diesel generator, tractors, trucks, agricultural vehicles etc.
Working process of converting plastic to diesel fuel machine
Waste plastic becoming diesel refining process. After the first removal of debris and sediment contained in waste plastics ( without removing the can, but will affect the oil yield ) , the waste plastic pyrolysis reactor is loaded , make pyrolysis cracking reaction , the waste plastic pyrolysis oil and gas again small molecular state , through the condenser into liquid into the fractionator , after fractionation mixed oil output by re- refining and cracking can be processed into diesel fuel.
Plastic fuel oil will be heated into oil gas with indirect heating. Then oil gas will be cooled into diesel. With the processing of color and odor removal system, diesel quality will be improved a lot.

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