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3 sets 10-ton waste tyre pyrolysis process plants installed in ZhanJiang of GuangDong Province
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Fully continuous process tyre pyrolysis plant installed in Mexico by reported video
Mexico 6 sets waste tyre to fuel oil pyrolysis plant processing waste tyre to oil running video
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Whole tire shredder grinder machine crusher old tire running video
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3D animation video of continuous pyrolysis plant processing waste tire /plastic running video
Fully automatic continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant running video
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European Tyre Recycling Association announces second call for papers

The organizers of the 22nd Annual European Tyre Recycling Conference have announced a second call for papers pertaining to tire recycling and the disposal of end-of life-tires.

The event is organized by the European Tyre Recycling Association (ETRA) and is set for March 25-27, 2015, at the NH Brussels du Grand Sablon in Brussels.The event is designed to allow researchers and developers to lay out their projects to their peers, industrialists and venture capitalists who are focusing on opportunities in the recycled rubber sector. The deadline to register presentations is March 1, 2015, and instructions can be found at under the Events menu.

Markets ranging from using tires as planters or furniture to the recycling of recovered materials in new products and compounds will be considered, ETRA says. The market potential also includes devulcanization, pyrolysis or powderizing, says the association.The ETRA conference offers the recycling sector an opportunity to gather to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities to face this increasingly important and specialized industry, says ETRA.ETRA says because tires are designed to take an incredible amount of abuse that is the first barrier any recycler has to overcome. Some machinery that chews up concrete and boulders and spits them out as gravel may literally grind to a halt when fed a few tires.

The conference is designed for anyone in the field of rubber recycling, including collectors, pyrolysis specialists, shredder manufacturers and polymer blenders using tire powder as a filler in their products.ETRA says its 2015 conference also will discuss issues surrounding the ongoing availability of tires for recycling. Speakers will challenge the exporting of end of life tires and will question the way in which the industry is managed across Europe and how that affects the availability and the incentive to invest and develop new tire recycling technologies.
Delegates to the 22nd ETRA Conference in Brussels also will hear about the latest developments in research and markets across Europe. There will be particular attention paid to the use of end-of-life tire-related materials in concrete and in construction. This includes not only the rubber but also the fiberglass and the steel wires.Delegates also will have the opportunity to network with representatives of the global rubber recycling sector, the association says.

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