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Oil Refining Machine
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Oil refining machine can convert tire oil, plastic oil, and waste engine oil to diesel. In some country,  oil refining machine also named waste oil distillation machine, distillation equipment, it just name different, but have same functions.

oil refining machine
Oil refining machine

oil refining machine
3-D picture of oil refining machine


For our oil refing machine ,the applicable raw material can be any kinds of waste oil ,such as tire oil ,plastic oil ,waste engine oil ,black oil ,heavery oil ,motor oil,etc.
oil refining machine
Raw material of oil refining machine

We can get high purity ,less impurity and yellow diesel oil after refining by Doing oil refining machine .This kind of diesel can be used for tractors,tracks,ships and diesel oil generator etc.
oil refining machine
Diesel oil application
Working process of oil refining machine
oil refining machine
Working process of oil refining machine

1.    Put tyre oil/plastic oil/engine oil into distillation reactor with oil pump
2.    Heating system works to heat waste oil over 170℃
3.    Distillation oil gas produced and cooling down to pure distillation oil by condensers
4.     After distillation, the distillation oil is pumped into odor-removal tank where catalysts are used to remove the smell
5.     Then oil go into color-removal tank for de-coloring with the special catalysts
6.     Finally, you can get about 85% pure diesel oil.

1: To minimize the process of heating
By using the heat transfer heating system, our client can save much fuel to heat the whole reactor, and the heating speed is faster and the temperature can keep the reactor hot for longer time,so the whole process is faster with less fuel

2: The heating circulation system is more environmental
All the heat transfer system is a circulating system, the heat transfer oil is recycling inside the reactor. So in total, you can fire less fuel, which not only save your cost on fuel also it is more environmental-friendly. All the system is sealed,and in the terms of smoke and smell, our new design Used oil refining plant works better.

3:The vertical reactor
 From our design,It is very easy to clean the slag . It will be down through the bottom of the vertical reactors. So the operation is easier

4: Continuously working
When operating the machine,first you pump oil inside the reactor to heat. After finishing heating,it will become oil gas  and goes to cooling system,then go to another tank.So,the first reactor is empty,no need to stop,you could pump another tank of oil again into the first tank ,continuously working.

Technical parameter of oil refining machine
Items Contents
Model DY-5t, DY-10t, DY-20t, DY-50t…
Raw material motor oil, waste tire crude oil, plastic crude oil
Structure form Vertical (easy cleaning and maintenance)
Heating method Indirect heating to prolong the machine service life
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Heating material Coal, charcoal, fuel gas, fuel oil
Average out-put oil rate 95%
Material of reactor 4 reactor with different material
Thickness of reactor 18mm
Mode of cooling Recycled water cooling
Power in total 20 Kw
Service life average 7 years
Land area 180㎡

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